Rape, Juvenile and the Debate!

In a society with high morals inspired from Vedas where the women are worshipped as goddess, some are brutally treated for various reasons. When it comes down to judicial system they are unable to get justice. Since ages Indian society has been a patriarchal society ,always male dominated. The women have not been given their stature and place in society, households. Even if a woman is sexually abused today , the weight of society comes down on her by the not so unknown phrase- she was wearing provocative clothes or she wasn’t well raised with morale. Where is our society headed? We need fundamental changes in the law and in society which results in women being accorded respect. All the promising developments in infrastructure ,GDP, and every other environment is of no use until and unless our attitude and orthodoxical approach to view certain things doesn’t change. Coming down to the TOI NEWS, The juvenile convict in the December 16, 2012 gang-rape was on Sunday released and sent to an NGO at an undisclosed destination with police no longer guarding him.However, there’s still ambiguity in the release of same !

“We have left him with an NGO,” police sources said.

Government sources said when asked two days back whether he would like to go home in Badaun in Uttar Pradesh or to an NGO, he opted for the latter citing security concerns.Decks were cleared for the release on Sunday of the juvenile convict in the horrific December 16, 2012 gang rape case with the Delhi High Court today refusing to intervene, saying he cannot be stopped from walking free under the existing provisions of law. Brushing aside the public outcry against his release, the juvenile walked free on SUNDAY 20TH December 2015.

Given the attention the Nirbhaya case got, the reactions to the release of the juvenile delinquent are natural (“Juvenile shifted to an undisclosed location”, Dec.20). To think that a mere three-year jail term is by no way punishment for the heinous crime is also justifiable. But whether we like it or not, justice should not be subjected to our whims and fancies. The notion that justice should satisfy the victim or his/her family is also a misplaced one. If that is the case, every murder trial should end in the awarding of the death penalty. The current Justice Act never envisaged that society will have to deal with such a brutal rapist one day. Nirbhaya case has beaten all . The juvenile should be made aware of a bigger world that exists where people can live a dignified life. We have to wage larger battles, abolish capital punishment and rectify aberrations in marital laws. One also fails to understand the objections especially when someone under the watchful eyes of law can hardly be a threat to society and also when his future livelihood is being ensured. We should be able to transform an individual who just got a chance to reform himself while in jail into a socially responsible being. Agreed Juvenile homes in India, in the form of children’s homes and observation centres, are not run in a manner consistent with the spirit of the Juvenile Justice Act. We also need fundamental changes in the law and in society which results in women being accorded respect. Rather than focus only on the juvenile, we must use this as an occasion to initiate change in our society.

Bonds.No,not chemical bonds! :’)

In the world of myriad broken dreams,we cannot expect from people to understand each other. When I say understand, I mean the deep rooted existence of trust,loyalty and faith that this person will make an effort to actually assess your situation and never judge you. There’s no denying that personal space is needed in any relationship.It ensures the strength of bond. Even if we see them deviating, the hope within us is still awake,waiting for them to come back to realization of what is wrong and right.Relationships are not easy. They have to be kept alive with existence of love and effort among individuals.
The flame of bond gets brighter with catalysts like love,empathy,encouragement,faith,courage and compassion preventing the bond to fail.

Someday the troubled souls will be at peace when they find someone who understands them 🙂

P.S. -Sometimes it is not about romanticism.It’s about friendship that transcends inexplicable emotions!